Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How To Suck at Sucking Up

Kelly spends a considerable amount of her free time running an animal rescue program in her home state of Arkansas.

Now, as we all know, people who run animal rescue programs spend an inordinate amount of time caring for and nurturing sick and injured animals, which says quite a bit about them.

They are, as a whole, an extraordinarily compassionate and nurturing set of individuals.

But who takes care of the people who run animal rescue programs? Who returns the volumes of deep love and affection they so freely dole out to injured animals?

Certainly not the animals. Believe me, I've seen animal rescue shows about ducks, and seriously, what a bunch of hoity toity fucking assholes those birds are. You try to mend a broken wing, and they act like you're trying to install a car bomb.

Kelly recently realized she deserved to feel a little of that love and affection coming in her direction, preferably from another compassionate, caring human being. She signed up on Match.com in hopes of meeting a nice man in her area, and lo and behold she found an interesting gentleman named John.

Kelly really enjoyed John's profile, and the two began regularly chatting online. Kelly found John quite attractive, and, according to his profile, he was exactly what she was looking for physically. He was "athletic and toned," and had beautiful, deep blue eyes.

Sultry, smoky blue eyes in fact, a pair of eyes in which she couldn't wait to take a dirty little skinny-dip.

"Through those eyes," Kelly thought, "I will see into John's soul."

Unfortunately, the more appropriate word would have been "sole," because once they met, Kelly found John's personality to match that of the quite unpopular, bland, bottom-feeding Ohio river fish.

Kelly had decided to meet John on her one-hour lunch break in case things didn't pan out, and right away those concerns came to fruition.

John arrived late in a wrinkled, dirty pair of jeans, which nicely complimented his soiled, slept-in T-shirt with saturated pit stains. He was athletic and toned in the way one might describe a sperm whale as "athletic and toned." His hair practically dripped with grease, and was styled in a manner that suggested a recent lightning strike.

Great, Kelly thought, I've just agreed to have lunch with a perspiring harp seal fresh from his mid-day nap in the Minit-Lube transmission pit.

Kelly stood up and walked over to greet John with a handshake, but John wasn't having any of that hand-shaking nonsense. He promptly enveloped Kelly in an uncomfortable bear hug, then released her only to place his arm tightly around her waist. He then pulled her close to his body as they walked back to their table, inspiring Kelly to pencil in "Clorox" on her grocery list.

In her letter, Kelly aptly described her first impression of John as follows:


Feel free to interpret that as a noun, verb, or adjective.

Kelly and John sat down to eat, and John creepily stared directly into Kelly's eyes throughout lunch. John told Kelly he had recently moved down to Arkansas from the Washington D.C. area, and then proceeded to inform Kelly that Southerners like her obviously had problems pronouncing words correctly because of that irritating Southern drawl they all used. When John later told Kelly the name of the town he had moved to, he pronounced it incorrectly. Kelly suggested the correct pronunciation, to which he replied "That's how your people down here pronounce it. That doesn't make it right."

Yeah, Arkansas, why you always gotta be so arrogant and shit!

The sputtering conversation then turned to Kelly's animal rescue program. Proud of her work, Kelly went into great detail about her job in hopes that she could keep the conversation somewhat interesting for the remainder of lunch. But John promptly stifled those efforts by criticizing the manner in which Kelly performed her job. "How on earth do you have the time to properly socialize those animals? You should really consider finding them homes."

Nice serve, John.

At this point, barely 30 minutes into the date, Kelly officially pronounced their one-hour lunch over. She gathered her things and began to walk back to her car with John in tow close behind. Upon arrival at her car, John forcefully grabbed Kelly and tried to plant a kiss on her lips. "I always kiss a girl on the first date," he said, "and it doesn't have to be on the lips."

Kelly used her snake impersonation skills to slither out of John's boa-like grasp, responding "What the hell? I just met you!"

With that, Kelly jumped into her car, slammed the door and locked it, and took off at what I surmise was a rather high rate of speed. Questions remain as to whether indeed there was a trail of smoke coming out of Kelly's ass.

Surprisingly, Kelly received the following email from John the very next morning:


It was a fairly good first meeting. I just could not resist the cuteness.

I also thought much of your conversation. Not only for its own sake, but in spite of how nervous you must have been, you struck me as very bright.

I confess to being surprised by the number of pets. Mostly because a very close friend of mine is currently living with a woman who has lots of dogs and cats. They were a large part of the reason I'm living here instead of rooming with him in Fayetteville. Not so much because of their number as that one large dog ate electronics, and none of them were properly trained. Being fair, they also lived in a small cookie-cutter house with a tiny yard.

I hope you enjoyed yourself enough to wish to see me again. I would definitely be happy to spend more time with you. Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx


Did John attend the same lunch date as Kelly?

Did he then actually just confess to her he really doesn't like animals, followed by asking her out for a second date?

Personally, if I was trying for a second date with a florist, I probably wouldn't start out by saying "You know, I really fucking hate flowers, but hey, you wanna go out again?"

Nonplussed, Kelly responded in a courteous and truthful manner.

"John, to be blunt, I did not feel a connection. Good luck in the future. Bye."

Take that, John-Boy.

Luckily, John had all sorts of dates lined up anyway. Or, so he claims in his follow-up email:


No offense taken there, stranger.

I have no idea what you expected from a short lunch. I am led to believe that first meetings like that are generally just to see if product is as advertised.

Anyway, I won't contact you again, but neither will I block you. Please wait a while to get back to me since I have other women to meet with and some job interviews besides.


Boy, Kelly sure was upset to find out she had to "wait a while" to "get back to" John. What exactly was she supposed to get back to him about again?

So anyway, looks like Kelly successfully extracted herself from John! He's not going to contact her again!

Unless of course .... oh, shit ... what's the name of this stupid fucking blog?


You knew it was coming.

You see, it seems John liked Kelly a little more than he cares to admit.

So just to let Kelly know exactly what she was missing, John decided to send a follow-up email to his last follow-up email, the one that ended with "I won't contact you again."

Now seriously folks, I know PLFM readers like the blood and guts and all, but as the author of this blog, I have to admit this is out and out one of the stupidest emails I have seen to date.

See if you can spot his sudden reversal on his attitude towards animals. I'll give you a hint: It's somewhere in the middle.

Take it away, John.


On reflection, there was no connection to be made and it was in part my fault.

Fearing messing things up, I decided to play conservative and presented you with a shell personality, bland, simple and I thought just enough to get to date 2.

In reality, you probably wanted to see the me that hid the little red foster dog from people coming to see him and his sisters so he could stay with us.

Or who ran back to Corgill a year ago while staying at a friend's apartment for job interviews with an orange kitten with an eye infection.

That, or maybe the me that left a party about 6 months to take a stray kitten to the emergency vet because it was obviously sick and had come to me, then stayed with it and made sure it at least had warmth, food and love before it was put to sleep because it could not be saved.

You might even have wanted the John who believes in silly notions of honor and obligation and never turns away the helpless who seek him.

I am sorry for playing a character.

Were I not, as shy as I am, upon seeing you, and how-- well, not like something in this world. Brighter, or like something pushed out from the background. I probably would have locked up again.

I don't think this will change your mind. In fact, had I any belief I will ever deal with you again, I probably would never have told you these things. This time, I mean it that I will not contact you again. I'll remove all ability to do so presently.


Wow, you scored a job interview with an eye-infected kitten?

Anyway, congratulations John.

You just successfully shoved your nose so far up Kelly's ass you could probably gnaw her collarbones.

Like my mother used to tell me, nothing makes a woman hotter than shameless and pathetic pandering to the same interests of hers you once insulted.

Oh, and Kelly wanted to point out one more thing.

Those beautiful, deep blue eyes that so attracted her to John in the first place?

Yeah, those were contacts.

Let me guess, his real eye color was ..... brown?

Great to be back folks, I might be able to squeeze in another post this week as I've got several good letters in the hopper.

(Note to Kelly: See? Not one Arkansas joke. You owe me five dollars.)


  1. Hey I think Im First! Oh I bet he's just a shy boy... especially grabbing her and trying to kiss her... What a dirt bag.

    Welcome back Weas!

  2. Right, a request! Some follow-ups, people! Weas, post a page for the "interviewees" to let us know how they are going with their stalkers...

    If "Annie" of the Annie and Robert saga is around, how's things going? I am still looking for his blog!

  3. Excellent post. Nice break from the horrifying stalkers. This one was just a fucking pathetic guy. I love your writing style on this blog. It is a different take than what you do on WWHM, and I like them both. Very entertaining. I look forward to more.

  4. Wow, he won't contact her again, eh?
    He must be friends with my ex.

    And he had the nerve to insult her efforts with animals, and then try to use animals to lure her back?

    What a fuckrat.

  5. "I always kiss a girl on the first date," he said, "and it doesn't have to be on the lips."

    Wow - what a smoothie!

  6. Nice post, if a little tamer than our average PLFM psychosis.

    Perhaps it's better after such a hiatus to ease into the lunacy that exists out yonder. Thanks, Weasel.

  7. Oh, and this was my favorite part: "Yeah, Arkansas, why you always gotta be so arrogant and shit!"


  8. This guy makes me sad. He's creepy, but pathetic creepy, not freaky-stalker creepy.

    He insults her way of speaking and what she does for a living, then tries to give her some fake crappy stories about what an animal lover he really is? Sorry dude, total FAIL!

    Pathetic assclam, nothing more.

  9. Ehm, what about showering before a date, wearing clean clothes and not invading her personal space?

    My favourite part is actually the first post-date letter where he's tending to his wounded pride and making it about him playing hard to get: A study in denial.

    Now, I'm not that big on living in close quarters with animals myself, but
    I would rather dive naked into a barrel containing a dozen angry kittens than date this guy!


    Welcome back!!

    but about the post, what a little snarky jerk. He was right, first dates are about seeing "the product". Except the product he was coming out with was a LEMON.



  11. Artemis, the whole invading personal space as well as not bathing or doing laundry was disgusting, too.

    I did laugh at his pathetic attempts to spark her interest by telling her she was only one of "many women" that he was meeting up with.

    He's clueless, and couldn't find a vagina with a roadmap and a Garmin.

  12. This sounds a lot like someone really really misled by the whole "women like bad boys" crap. He's trying to be all assertive and make himself sound like he's smart and "knows what he is talking about", but unfortunately doesn't know how to do that without degrading the person he is talking to... The weird aggressiveness doesn't help either, nor does the lack of basic hygiene.

    Also, if his true opinion was mainly like "animals, meh", then it might have been a nice idea to just say that than first be hateful and then all "OMG kittens!!!11!!" So, like, honesty is a good thing... Who knew?!

  13. Mack truck

    Soo true!

    I didn't even want to get started on how he thought it was appropriate to correct her way of speaking or to insult how she goes about doing her job. While the latter is just plain stupid, the former is a pet peeve of mine.

    Yeah, nothing turns a girl on like being patronized by the guy who are trying to get in her pants. Unless you find/want a very special kind of gall as in the silent doormat who eventually takes a pair of scissors to your privates, don't do that.

  14. Ugh. It's a massive guilt trip.

    "Waaaaah. Because you didn't give me a chance you'll never know that I'm the man of your dreams. Well, good job lady! Now go feel sorry for yourself!!"

    It's not exactly psychotic, but it is deranged. I've encountered a few situations like that - where the guy was a complete tool then professed to be someone else when I politely moved on.

    And really, what sort of first impression does showing up to a "date" (I use that term loosely) dirty and greasy? Apparently he wants a girl with extremely low standards - so low they don't require showering.

  15. My God there are creepy people in this world!

  16. It's nice to see that there are bigger assholes out there than myself.

  17. Yeah, this one is more pathetic than scary.

    Artemis: Actually, the second part bothers me more. In my experience, men who belittle what women do get very controlling given a chance. If the women has outside interests, friends, then she isn't totally dependent on the guy for validation.

    I've had guys tell me (on a first or second date) that they believe my volunteer work is a waste of time (cause I could be spending it with them, stroking their egos), that I shouldn't have pets (I have 2 cats, which does not make me a collector, but does mean you don't get all my attention 24/7), that travel, which is my passion, is a waste of time & money (shallow & cheap).

    All that's fine - it just means that we're not compatible. But expecting me to give up activites that make me who I am is just not going to happen (ever, let alone after a date or two).

  18. Weas, I admire your restraint given the material and the state involved. There were so many openings there for Arkansas jokes and you didn't take a single one. Kudos!

    Oh and welcome back! You were missed!

  19. John struck me immediately as a one of these -


    Which is probably just a longer, more elaborate way of saying asshole.

  20. Nothing says "Great Catch" like showing up to a first meeting (to see if everyone is "as advertised", natch) looking and smelling like a diabetic's leg wound. Add in being generally insulting, sprinkle on some being insulting to something this woman is obviously passionate about, and flambee for 30 seconds with a splash of TOTALLY NOT AS ADVERTISED IN ANY RESPECT, and we have a winner. All that's needed is a side of physical intrusiveness, and...oh wait, nevermind.

  21. Is Kelly reading this?

    If so, what did you wear to the lunch?

    Were you within five lbs of your profile weight?

  22. I wore a yellow sundress, flats, and the cutest ribbon in my hair.

    I fudged a little so I might have been a bit outside your arbitrary 5 pound range.

    Why do you ask?

  23. Ah, and now it's an "official" thread, since the first troll has arrived!

  24. mr. mrs. fangfaceJune 16, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    This kinda reminds me of those infamous voicemails left by the douchebag "Dmitri the Lover."

    Can't seem to post the link, but look up "The Douchiest Phone Message in History - Dmitri." You will laugh until you vomit. Or maybe vomit until you laugh. Either way, it's the douchiest voicemail that ever did douche.

  25. mr. mrs. fangfaceJune 16, 2009 at 11:36 AM


    Here we go. Seems you can't paste until you put your name in. :P

  26. mr. mrs. fangfaceJune 16, 2009 at 11:42 AM

    Mack Truck:

    Well, I'm sure this tool knows where vaginas usually are. I mean, he's probably studied them extensively on Wikipedia and high school biology books and the like. The problem is that there's just an embargo on his dick, what with him being an invasive nonnative species and all.

  27. mr. mrs. fangfaceJune 16, 2009 at 11:47 AM

    Ten bucks this Barbaraz person is John the Douchebag of the Greasy Pits!

  28. mr.mrs. fangface, nope, Barbaraz isn't Greasy Johnny. He's been around since the troll fest on the last post.

    I'm sure Greasy Johnny knows THEORETICALLY where vaginas are located, but as you said, since there's an embargo on his (unwashed, skanky) dick, it's not likely he'll be visiting a real one anytime soon.

  29. Guy has no clue about preening himself for a first meeting, so he may have little clue in other areas too. His 'insults' and 'hateful' remarks may have been mere attempts at light, playful gibes to set himself apart from her other interviewees who predictably go with the flow.

  30. Riiiggghhht, because insulting people is so successful with making someone like you! Oh wait, it's not.

    The guy didn't even bathe or wear clean clothes, so if he's that socially retarded, what is he even doing out in public? Being smelly, gross, and ignorant isn't the way to attract a mate.

  31. I missed you, Weas!

    I agree with anonymous 9:26- this guy has controlling, belittling freak written all over him. Thank god his "shell" personality didn't hide all the red flags he was throwing out there.

  32. A guy degrading your interests/trying to persuade you to stop acting on them = an attempt to isolate you = a red flag

    I heartily agree!

  33. lol, that guy is delusional XD

    Men, if you want to have a first good date, aside from acting like a good human being... look good!

    My fav first date... the guy showed up in black slacks with a button down shirt, neatly trimmed goatee, and a sexy smile. We don't want you to look like a model, just look put together.

  34. This his a little close to home. My name's John, my ex is Kelli. My eyes are actually blue though. Still, coninceidence can be a scary thing.

  35. Yes, and I have a niece named Kelly, whose husband is named John.

    She left him because he's a douche, and while she was in the hospital having his second child, he'd already started dating someone else.

    I TOLD her family that her marrying a guy in his 30s who had already been divorced twice was just asking for trouble. It sucks that I was right!

  36. Names are always made up in these entries John, no so worries.

    Remember guys, anything you submit, I change just enough (usually just the names) to ensure no one can be identified. The stories are as exact as I can make them.

    This was just a little warm up to clear off my rust- yeah, it's not too psycho.

    But I laughed so hard when I read Kelly's last letter I HAD to post it.

    What a fucking jackass.

    I'll sauce up the next entry- the next guy has a few screws loose.

  37. Oooh, we loff the psycho ones, Weasie!

    You know how to keep us interested, you sly dog!

  38. A few screws loose as in 'He occasionally talked to the houseplants and is currently in a custody battle for them' or as in 'buried her mother-in-law under the patio'?

  39. Its nice to have someone who's just funny rather than "dont go outside at night" terrifying. Good ballance, weas.

    Glad to have you back!

  40. mr. mrs. fangfaceJune 16, 2009 at 3:09 PM

    Ah, I see. I didn't bother with the last post, so I wasn't around for all teh dramz.

    Anonymous 11:57, even if he was just being clueless, who the hell wants to date a clueless dude? It's not the responsibility of other people to pander to the socially stunted.

    So Weasel, exactly how many screws constitutes "a few"? This sounds like it'll be interesting...

  41. I just cannot believe how people can FAIL TO SHOWER for a date!

    I think I WAS raised in a barn (or at least spent most of my childhood in one) and I would never do that.


  42. I literally laughed out loud after reading this one. Too good.

  43. Welcome back Weasel!

    As a woman involved in animal rescue, this was right up my alley. :D

  44. Creepee. What a very, very frightening "man". And I bet he wonders why he's single. *head/desk*

  45. A guy who actively belittles what you do, how you speak, and basically who are you are, is not "clueless" or stunted. He's an asshole.

    I like this one though. We don't get much pure stupid on the main page (that's what the comments have been for recently).

  46. I like how he slimed in the animal love real subtle and casual-like there. Smooth fucking criminal.

  47. It's hard to believe that these guys are out there walking around, breathing, and possibly procreating. Scary.

    So glad you're back, Weasel!!

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Welcome back Weasel.

    @ Fuglyhorseoftheday - ROFL at your comment. )

  50. The scary thing? Somewhere there is a woman who will probably agree to have actual intercourse with John. Ick.

  51. I am SO glad you're back, Weasel. My pining for your posts has come to fruition :)

    I knew it would be good...to jump skinny dipping into his eyes *snicker* Such turn of phrase.

    I had this guy that I was swapping emails with...and all his comments centered on sex and listening to people through walls/doors and THINKING about them having sex. He just didn't take the hint that I wasn't looking for a discussion session on porn every time I flipped open my inbox. When I told him I was going to stop communicating b/c all he could talk about was vouyerism, he sent me a long winded email about politics, and how he had so much more depth, etc, etc.
    Finally ended with:
    I didn't mention sex, did I? Oops, there, I just did....sorry.......

    uh huh. sure.

  52. Ten bucks says that Barbaraz was angry about this post because it hit a little to close to home. How dare we demand a man to bath and wash his clothes. *tentacle/desk*

  53. I missed this blog so much. So glad you're back, cant wait for the next post

  54. Lovely post although I'm wondering if some of the regular commentators could chill out a little? Some of you sound like you want to pick a fight with the troll (?), but seriously it wasn't that bad, just some pointed questions that were unnecessary.

  55. Having been on Match.com for a few months now, I'm here to tell you that the description rarely resembles what shows up on the date. I swear, most men post pictures that are, like, from 10 years ago. And if I see another 50-something pretending to be 30-something (like we don't know the difference), I think I'll scream!!

    36 & Single

  56. "A guy who actively belittles what you do, how you speak, and basically who are you are, is not "clueless" or stunted. He's an asshole."

    No, no. You don't know everything. He is clueless. Look messy and dirty on the first meeting, offend the girl, miscalculate physical advances, and expect another meeting? You think he wants to repulse her? You think he likes to waste his time? Who do you think uses online dating sites? He's a blundering fool.

    Claim his intent was to be an asshole, but that may not be what he had in mind.

  57. I don't know why this blog won't let me copy + paste anything, but that bit you wrote about ducks acting like you're trying to install a car bomb is one of the most hilarious things I've ever read in my life.


  59. Wow, this guy is going to be alone for a long LONG time. Loser fuckhat. I guess these guys can't see how transparent they are... UGH

    Glad you're back, Weasel. Enjoyed both blogs immensely!

  60. Great post! Thanks for being back!

  61. Queen of the serpents said: "What a fuckrat"


  62. does violent_faggit even know who luis is?

  63. mr. mrs. fangfaceJune 17, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    Oh my, how hilarious and original! *squee!* Y'know, I wish I were as smart as you were, Anonymous. *sigh* If only I were as beautiful and talented as you were... And who knows how many people I could manipulate with a dick as large and well-formed as yours... *sigh* But alack, I am only me, a brainless drone who hangs on Weasel's every word. *sigh*

  64. loved it.
    although,sometimes brown eyes can be nice!
    that is all.

  65. I hear you, mr.mrs.fangface. Being a brainless drone Weasel nuthugger is in some ways a woeful burden and one which we can only do our best to face with pluck and equanimity.

    I won't claim that there haven't been times when I've found myself alone in bed, tumescent love member in hand, Our Mustelidae Lord's imagined visage vivid and radiant in my mind's eye, sweating, shining, glorious, yearning, when some small part of me has wished I could break free of his rapturous domination over the entirety of my pathetic, earthly being.

    But I think that ultimately you and I both understand, on some elemental level, that his sovereignty over us functions more as sanctification than malediction. That we are, in truth, privileged to live and worship in this Exalted Age of Weas and thereby to bear witness regularly to the lucent outpourings of his august genius.

    Mea anima est cum te. Selume proferre.

  66. He was athletic and toned in the way one might describe a sperm whale as "athletic and toned."

    How insulting.  Physeter catodon is a powerful and majestic animal.

  67. CE, you owe me a new monitor. That'll teach me drink and read one of your comments again.

  68. He sounds to me like he skimmed one of those PUA manuals and tried using all the basic PUA 'mind tricks' (eye contact, telling her you're busy with other women, etc), but ended up failing miserably.

  69. the "Unless of course .... oh, shit ... what's the name of this stupid fucking blog?" moments in all your posts get me every time!

  70. "***shudder***"

    Feel free to interpret that as a noun, verb, or adjective.

    That had me laughing for at least a minute!

    I was actually relieved to see that this guy wasn't as creepy as a lot of the other ones you've featured. Still, even if he didn't turn out to be a stalker like some of the others, he's still completely clueless. I'm also glad that Kelly was so upfront with him! It proves that even when women are honest about their disinterest, some guys just can't get a clue...

  71. Meh, this reminds me of a date I went on once.

    I met the guy through telephone personals (online dating sites hadn't quite caught on back then).

    Anyways, the guy seemed fine over the phone, but what showed up for the lunch date (in a public place, thank God) was overweight, unwashed, and unlaundered.

    He then proceeded to eat lunch, all the while talking with his mouth full, slopping soup all over his arms and his shirt, etc. I had all I could do not to barf just watching him eat.

    Still, because I'm too damned polite, I waited until we were both done eating, made some polite 'nice to meet you, bye now' statement, and got the fuck out of there. He did call me later for a second date (this is before I got wise and made sure that I only had THEIR number, not the other way 'round), wherein I made some comment about lack of chemistry or something...

    But yeah, I have to wonder how guys who show up to dates like this really think this is a winning strategy. If first impressions are so important, why dress like you wore those clothes to bed, skip the shower and deodorant, and eat like a total slob (and/or insult your date)?

    'Clueless' or 'asshole' could cover it, though I also wonder if in fact these men somehow see it as a test for their date. Like, if we accept them no matter how dirty or uncouth they are, then we're somehow their 'perfect woman'?

    If that's the case, I'm happy to have 'failed' that test!

  72. Ha ha, I don't know if my dating site stories are eligible, because I am a Dominant Female in the BDSM lifestyle... so that right there means that I get all sorts of sex freaks responding, LOL.

    The worst was meeting a potential submissive man in a Starbucks. He jumped up from the table and kissed my boot right there IN PUBLIC. I turned on my heel and walked right back out.

  73. Well at least this one wasn't super scary. Whew!

    I'm also on Match and thankfully the one person I met and dated on there (also my one and so far only ex) looked much like the images he'd posted. I checked back recently, and found he'd updated his profile pic with one of him minus the extra pounds he'd worked to lose. So sometimes they're honest about that.

    Even that, though, can't make up for doing what John did.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. I can take a deep breath and smell the roses again...I got my dose of Weasel finally after dealing with withdraws. lol

    Alex I will take "shudder" as all of the above...noun, verb and adjective!!!

  76. I find this depressing as hell. I don't blame her one bit for not being interested, but the whole "feeling bad about letting these people down" is the whole reason I don't do online dating. :\

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