Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fan Male

Sunny wrote in to PLFM to share with us a lovely piece of email she recently received from an avid fan of her website.

"Back before I got my own P.O. box, I shared one with my friend Nicole who used hers for business purposes. If anything came for me, she'd call me and usually I'd just get her to open whatever it was while I was on the phone with her, so I'd know if I had to drive over there (20 mins away) tomorrow or next week to pick whatever it was up.

"Nicole called me like she always did and I told her to just open it...let's just say this letter prompted me to get my own P.O. box because poor Nicole's probably scarred for life."

(Click pics for clear version.)

I apologize about the lack of posts lately guys, but as my longtime readers know, I occasionally face insurmountable deadlines at my paying job and the blogs have to take a back seat.

I hope to post to WWHM by Friday and then I'm off on vacation for a week.

We'll be back after that, and please keep sending in your emails!

(As you can see, I also accept letters in .jpeg format if you'd like to scan it.)

-The Weasel


  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    I love that we can read the letter itself - the crazy scrawl just MAKES it.

    As does the h4rdc0r3!!11 hand doodle at the bottom.

  2. I really hope this was someone's idea of a joke...but after reading the letters here, I doubt it.

  3. Please tell me that he is actually 12 and this is just a case of immaturity and hormones run amuck.

    Because if he actually is an adult? That "rockin' hand" drawing is the most pathetic thing I think I have ever witnessed.

  4. Ok...the "I love your vagina and ass" thing made my eyebrow go up.

    The hand thing...
    "OMG! Look at me! I'm so hardcore I have to draw this pathetic hand to let you know how old I am! Oh, and your pussy is SWEET!"
    ...Pathetic. Really, really pathetic.

  5. I love this letter! It's compositional gold. How could Sunny send this beautiful letter here? It's the best praise possible! She should have proudly post this on her website for all to see.

    What kind of website does Sunny run, anyway? What website gets physical submissions in the mail?

    By all means, unblock the guy's photo!

  6. It's odd that the "rock on" hand has a long sleeve and a cuff with the button done up. It looks kind of repressed. Soooooooo....haha, what is Sunny's website? Hm? I love how he's like- "I wish you happiness, prosperity, good fortune,etc,"....and I'd like to "experience your ass". At least he's not too specific.

  7. OMG OMG OMG. This is hilairious. Although not as funny if I were Sunny.. EEK.

  8. multiple orgasms is a result of masturbation (sometimes!) not a cause of it. And unconditional love isn't really a commodity...otherwise he sounds like a sweet guy :) aaAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahhahahah!

  9. Jesus christ Weas you fucking suck. What's this "My paying job" blah blah blah and then "Oh hey guiz I'm going on vaycay lololololol" Keep this shit up and I'll break up with you. And you're not keeping the cat I don't give a fuck what you think.

    Anyway that letter was more funny than anything else. I would be creeped out to get it but holy hell is that funny.

  10. I like the way he alternates "I wish you happiness and true love" with "I want to bang you silly" several times. It's like hot...cold...hoooottt...cold.

  11. That is the BEST letter I've ever read.


  12. There's something about the raw, unembarrassed, unabashed honesty of this guy's writing style that is fascinating.

  13. Oh wow, two posts in a row that weren't immediately deleted. Imagine that.

  14. Man, some of the commenters on here really need to go on Passive-Aggressive Notes and get their stress out. I was annoyed too that posts disappeared and Weas hasn't posted in awhile, but geez, rather than complain about it (like I thought about), I figured I should keep my mouth shut so I don't piss him off and he stops posting forever. Obviously some people here didn't think that fully through. You don't like how he handles the site, go somewhere else, ya whiny babies.

  15. Anon @ 8:37

    I'm not afraid that some random blog writer won't grace us with his presence. In reality, this isn't exactly high brow entertainment. Sure, I like mah little Weasy but if he stopped posting all together it isn't going to impact my life much. If he can't take a little ribbing then he's in the wrong line of work. You can say the same shit about the very letters he posts. If he doesn't like them he should ignore them. No, instead he decides to put them on parade and laugh at them. Fuck it, I like to do the same to him when he leaves us hanging. Get your nose out of his ass and calm the fuck down.

  16. He wants her vagina and her ass? What the HELL? Who says that? How incredibly presumptuous and rude and ... not surprising given the other assholes we've read about on this blog, huh?

  17. Holy crap. I. Don't even know. What to say....

    I'm speechless...

    36 & Single

  18. Uhhhhh.. what kind of "website" does "Sunny" run here?

  19. What an idiot. Everything about this letter is creepy. Also, I always see that a lot of native English speakers spell the word masturbate as masterbate. MASTERBATE is NOT the right way to spell that damn word! Come on! Not that complicated! Why do you put E's everywhere?!

    But alright, he's a retard. Good spelling for a tard, too.

  20. Adding to the request that Sunny tell us what her website is.

    Other than that, this letter is comedy gold.

  21. mr. mrs. fangfaceJuly 21, 2009 at 1:32 PM


    My grip on reality is poor, but I know from experience that stalking people in meatspace gets you in trouble.

    Masturbating is my main hobby, but I'm too occupied with it to learn how to spell it correctly.

    Live long and prosper.

    Rock on with your bad self.

  22. Gee Weasel, are you going to get creeped out if I tell you how much I like your vagina?
    Ugh...what a wierdo. I've gotten strange compliments from strangers, but no one's ever commented on my bajingo.

  23. XD

    I want to pinch the cheeks of the baby metalhead. He's so cute! You can tell he got all of his ideas about sex from metal.

    *hums Nine Inch Nails ~Closer~ and runs off*

  24. Somehow, while I was reading the letter from Jason out of Friday the 13th's nutcase brother, I imagined he had a foreign accent like Borat. Except? Nah, both of them are pretty creepy (Borat only sometimes, though)


    This must be the strangest and scariest (on so many levels) letter I have ever read.

  26. Eek. Just... eek.

    Loved seeing in its original format - but could you up the contrast a bit before you post them? I found them hard to read.

  27. What is Sunny's website?

    I'm not saying that letter wasn't creepy, but at least he didn't threaten to wear her skin or anything.

  28. Sunny: "Ok Nicole, read it to me."
    Nicole: "I love your website and you. I love your..."
    Sunny: "Hmm?"
    Nicole: "I can't read this to you out loud."
    Sunny: "Don't be silly. Cmon."
    Nicole: "Oh look there's pictures too."
    Sunny: "Nicole, really what does it say?"
    Nicole: "I stopped reading it after he said he loves your vagina and ass. Do you want me to keep going?"
    Sunny: "Actually... better not."

  29. I bet he was jacking off when he wrote this. Additionally, I bet he jacks off now to the thought of her reading about all the nasty things he wants them to do together.

    It's like the written equivalent of those people who get off on exposing their masturbation to unwitting others.

  30. I cannot imagine what this guy's mother would think if she knew about this letter.
    And poor Sunny and her friend...wishing them x-ray vision in the future, some handy wipes, a hazmat suit, goggles, respirator and luck when opening the mail.

  31. this letter requires a gif of that scream painting

  32. Hooooooooly fuck, I think I know this guy. Or at least I know this kind of guy. When I was in seventh grade one of the boys in my class decided that it would be awesome to write me a letter detailing his masturbatory adventures while thinking about my naked body. I'd send it in, but I burned it as soon as I got home and then threw up a few times.

  33. Weasel, you should start selling official PLFM letter-handling tongs. No way would I touch that crusty paper.

  34. I think that might be the shocker, rather than the rocker hand sign. Especially since he professed to wanting to experience her pussy AND her ass.

  35. LOL!! I couldn't even imagine what Sunny's friend was thinking as she was trying to read this to her!! OMG *snicker* I want your ass and your pussy *snort giggle* I masterbate to you *HAHAHAHAHAHA* umm maybe you want to read this alone Sunny *HAHAHA gasp HAHAHAHA*

    This guy is kind of warped as he comments on her finacee yet tells her he wants to experience her ass and pussy AND has had multiple orgasms from masturbating..oops masterbating to thoughts of her....UGH GROSS!!!

  36. I'm amazed it doesn't open with "Come to Butt-head." Huh huh-huh-huh huh huh huh.

  37. Eww. How sickening must it have been to have held that letter in your hands? Ewwwww. That sick bastard probably licked it all over after the other...

    What a serious creepo.

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