Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reader Update from Annie

PLFM recently received an update from "Annie," whose situation with uber-creep "Robert" we profiled in "He Just Doesn't Get It" on May 2nd.

Hey Weasel! This is "Annie" from the story of "Annie" and "Robert."

Robert has never truly ceased to stop contact with me... he still sends the occasional email that says something like "Just wanted to make sure you were alright" or will "accidently" call my phone. The other day he left me a message on the forum we are both on that said "Annie... yes that was me driving behind you this morning... next time don't be a bitch, atleast wave a little." Of course, I now live 300 miles away from him so there's no possible way I was there!

He of course reads my blog and comments on my life, and still tries to contact friends of mine to find out what I am up to on weekends. But of course, the best part and reason I had to email you, was because I just found out that Robert is getting into a new line of work... oh yes, Robert is creating his own DATING SITE! He has been asking my friends for suggestions oh what domain name he should choose for his new site, saying that he has unlocked the secret to dating success!


Thanks for the update Annie, and for all you other readers currently profiled on PLFM, please send in any pertinent updates to your stories. -The Weasel


  1. I do hope we get a link to this site when it goes up.

    First comment?

  2. Or, horrible thought, he might have followed her...:(

  3. What's his secret? Non-stop harassment until the girl caves in (not likely) or gets a restraining order (very likely)?

  4. Oooh, definitely want a link when Robert's site goes live, Annie!

    Hellkell, you know she's only confused! She'll realize eventually that Robert's the right guy for her! All those romantic-stalker movies can't be wrong!

  5. "saying that he has unlocked the secret to dating success!"

    Annie...please tell us that was a joke...

  6. "Robert is creating his own DATING SITE...saying that he has unlocked the secret to dating success!"

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes tears of mirth from her eyes* Add me to the list of people who want the link to his site. Morbid curiosity compels me to look.

  7. OK this guy does not need to create a dating website, he needs to check himself into an institution.

    He appears to be a crazy, obsessive and somewhat whipped individual; who needs to find out ways in which to deal with his need to control others.

    What he was describing was not love. What he was describing was an incessant insatiable obsession.

    Apparently there is a difference.

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  8. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE send us a link when you find out!!

    I, too, have a crazy ex that sends me e-mails like "OMG! I heard what happened! Are you ok?" In an attempt to bait me into a conversation. It's been 5 years, dude. I'm onto your shit.

  9. Mack Truck "All those romantic-stalker movies can't be wrong!"
    ROFLMAO!!! But you never know.

  10. I am 100% certain that this story bears a very very high resemblance to the way all these "relationship expert" dudes become "relationship experts" and find out their incredible secrets about attracting super hot women... One day, we might all be thinking back to the moment of first hearing about this, and where we were then, and that we got to witness this historical moment.

  11. So. What will our friend post as his success stories? Every site has them... He will have to decide between composing a few fictional works or trying to paint success into his deep and meaningful relationship with Annie--oh wait, they're the same things. Anyway. We need this website. We need it badly. Only then can we sign up for it. I know I want to >:D

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