Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Psychotic Letters From Women

Hey guys, we're back from a much needed break and working on a new PLFM entry for either Thursday or Friday morning. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, my email inbox has been absolutely inundated over the last few days with a YouTube video currently making the rounds on everyone's hot sheet, so if you haven't seen it yet we're going to give you an opportunity to check it out right now.

Watch the whole thing, and then I've got a little commentary for you afterwards ....

OK, here's the reason I didn't post it earlier when it first came through my inbox .... I don't buy it.

At all.

I think it's a fantastic marketing ploy for his website and I'm sure JD has seen it pay off tremendously. In fact, I applaud him for it.

But I try really hard to keep the fake stuff off PLFM, and unfortunately my bullshit meter put a hole in my roof the size of a dishwasher about 5 minutes into this video.

One of the easiest ways we weed out the fake stories here at PLFM is to simply step back from the story as told and ask yourself "Is this really plausible?"

In this case .. I say no.

If these two had been dating for awhile, I sincerely doubt his girlfriend could simply "forget" her own boyfriend was leaving to Europe for two weeks.

On top of that, Emily would have at least informed a few of her friends at some point before his departure that JD was leaving to tour Europe, so we'd have to assume all her friends forgot as well.

JD purportedly shows emails where Emily claims to have contacted "all of JD's friends" to determine his whereabouts, and none of them replied "JD? He's in Europe, you moron."

So that's my take on it and why I chose not to post it yesterday. Nothing makes me feel dumber than posting something on PLFM or WWHM and having readers send me emails saying "Hey you fucking dumbass, that shit is fake." It happens.

(We already have a fake posted here on PLFM. I did a little more research after one particular story ran, and a few weeks later I discovered some online documentation proving she had been a bit less than truthful in her version of the story. The story is still up, and certainly not the one you might think it is.)

Maybe I'm just a jaded horse's ass, so let me know what you guys think in the comments.


  1. Racing to get an entry done for tomorrow.

    Featured: Creep.

  2. Yeah I think it's fake too. It's one thing to believe a guy would ditch his girlfriend for two weeks without a phone call or an email - but surely he has a mother or a buddy or SOMEONE he would have emailed or called during the time he was gone? yeah, someone else would have known and would have reminded her if she'd been that forgetful - but this is a woman we're talking about. We remember birthdays and other crap you men forget and expect us to remember for you. Nope, not at all plausible.

  3. heh, my boyfriend actually called me and asked me to watch it 'cause he thought it might be something for PLFM.

    Must say, I share your scepticism: While her freak out is very plausible, her not knowing that he'd left for europe, seems rather unlikely.

    However, fake or not, I can relate due to a semi psychotic episode a couple of years back.

    For a couple of days, due to exams, which I'd forgotten about, I couldn't get in touch with my boyfriend. My response: I was really pissed off and called him relentlessly until I finally got hold of him.

    Then I took a close look at my behavior and had a "WTF?" moment. Controlling behavior is really unflattering...

  4. Another reason why it is likely fake: who doesn't check their email while in Europe? It's not like he left civilization. When I was there seven years ago there were internet cafes everywhere.

  5. If its' real, he probably didn't tell her he was going.

  6. Most likely fake, but I've gotten a few panicked, finger-pointing letters like those from exes.

    But yeah, who goes to Europe for two weeks and doesn't call his girlfriend even once while he's there?

  7. My bullshitometer went off at the "she called his friend" part, too. And really, at the idea that anyone could forget their boyfriend is in Europe. And the point about internet cafes above is right on.

    Still, I did laugh all the way through it. Nice diversion in the same spirit of PLFM.

  8. I'm pretty sure everything on that guy's site is fake, or at least 90% of it. This definitely is. Who the hell goes on a two week trip and doesn't check his email once? At best, maybe he did check his e-mail and decided not to reply to 'teach her a lesson' about listening. Which is a douchey move, but he comes across as a douche on his site anyway.

  9. you know..their are internet cafe's in eurpoe where you can check your e-mail. My friend who teaches ESL in poland uses one cause it's cheeper than home internet services in Krakow. So really..this isn't very plausable. MOST people will leave some line of communication open while traveling cause you members die, pets pass on, houses get broken into, and all kinds of other "life" events happen irreguardless of your vacation habbits. It's not like he was in rural china on misson work either...

  10. That was my immediate thought as well--I find it hard to believe that a girl this vidiot was so involved with would be completely in the dark as to his whereabouts. My SO was a terrible listener, and I practically made him tattoo the dates I was in Europe on his forehead. He had all my contact info, whereabouts, etc.

    Also, like Vanessa said above, even if someone's backpacking it, there are internet cafes, and quite a few people buy local prepaids or phone cards, because crazy stuff can and does happen while one's out of the country so it's foolish to not have ANY way to communicate with friends and loved ones back home.

    The only way I buy this miscommunication is if JD was, in fact, purposely ignoring Emily for his own reasons and just decided to twist the whole situation into "See what a psycho bitch I dated?" scenario. Maybe getting some Dutch Red Light love?

  11. "- but this is a woman we're talking about. We remember birthdays and other crap you men forget and expect us to remember for you. Nope, not at all plausible."

    What generalised bullshit. I'm a male who remembers birthdays amongst other important dates, and I'm surely not alone. Are you saying that you have always remembered every single detail in your life simply because you are a woman? We're all human, and women are really as prone as men to forget things, including birthdays.

    Re the video, I call bullshit too. 'Em' would have to be chronically self-obsessed to forget her boyfriend was going to Europe (though I suppose it's in the realms of those who fill the stories on PLFM), but surely someone who knew Em and JD would have remembered and reminded Em. I find it harder to believe that someone who blogs so frequently wouldn't even check his email once in Europe.

    And even if it were true, what the fuck was he doing not even talking to her ONCE? It wouldn't break the bank to send one email, make one phonecall or even send an SMS, would it?

  12. I don't find it entirely implausible that he didn't check his email once while away, since I've done that myself. But it would be monumentally stupid to do so if you know your girlfriend doesn't listen; if she meant that much to him, why wouldn't he want to contact her and give her updates on his trip, anyways? Also, who would be out of touch for THAT LONG without bothering to set up a fucking automated vacation reply?

    I also call BS on this. It's just too sensationalized, to me.

  13. Agreed with most other commenter's...why would he not once check his email??

    Also, apparently his mom couldn't call her back because she didn't have her number? I guess this happened circa 1980 when people didn't have caller ID...

    Nice try JD...but I call bullshit

  14. I call BS. I have a Truly Terrible Memory, but a boyfriend going to Europe for two weeks? Definitely not something I'd forget. If I did have a massive brain fart and called him several days in a row and didn't get a call returned, I'd start wondering why I hadn't heard from him and that would likely be enough to make me do a facepalm because only a major doof forgets their boyfriend is in Europe. If I did talk to one of his friends, they'd remind me and I'd feel stupid. If I talked to my friends, at least one of them would point out to me my guy was away because I'd have told them at least once he was going to be gone for two weeks to Europe and I was so jealous and wished he'd stuff me in his backpack and take me with him.

    If he truly didn't check his email at least once while he was gone, he's an ass. There are internet cafes and STA Student Travel offices in all major cities in European countries (Western European, at least). The summer I went to the UK for six weeks of study abroad, I definitely would've been in touch with my bf (if he hadn't broken up with me before I left, at least).

    About his phone:

    1) I'd change my voice mail message to let people know I'd be incommunicado for 'x' amount of time because I was out of the country and

    2) American cell phones don't work in Europe so there was no way for me to even find out I had voicemail, nevermind actually call them back until I returned to the States.

  15. Yeah, I am pretty sure a guy who's tech-savvy enough to be promoting his blog on Youtube would have decided to communicate with family and friends via the Internet. Cheaper than phone lines. And they do have internet in Europe, so ... hmm?

    Also, when I leave town, I tell my SOs exactly where I'll be and how to get in touch with me, and I write everything down. I thought everyone did that.

  16. Xn said...

    What generalised bullshit. I'm a male who remembers birthdays amongst other important dates, and I'm surely not alone. Are you saying that you have always remembered every single detail in your life simply because you are a woman? We're all human, and women are really as prone as men to forget things, including birthdays.

    I never said ALL men were prone to forgetting birthdays or that all women had perfect memories. But when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries most women tend to remember better than most men, just like most men are taller than most women. And no woman is going to forget that her boyfriend is in Europe for two weeks - which is what the original post was about and it looks like everyone is in agreement there.

  17. from pretty fantastic sources, you are completely correct. this is a fake.. a wonderful fake that many people will choose to buy into, but a fake none-the-less.

  18. by the way.. this is based on a very popular MTV reality show... just in case you were wondering.

  19. I don't know, it may be fake. All I know is this sounds like a classic scenario between my husband and I when we were younger.
    "What the fuck do you mean you were paint balling all day?"
    "I told you yesterday babe, and the day before. And even the day before that. Infact, I told you two weeks ago."
    "Bull fucking shit you did"
    "Honey, I don't want to criticize, but you didn't listen because you didn't want me to go."
    "I, uh... what? I don't hate you?"
    "Please baby don't go :("
    *end scene*

    Perhaps she was unclear on the exact date? Or like in my case, she thought she talked him out of it by pouting like a bitch and honestly thought he stayed home and ignored her. All I know is it's entertaining. Good job, JD.

    Who knows. Who knows what some women will do.

  20. And I want to know more about that less than truthfull PLFM post.

  21. Either JD is a dick who mentions plans months in advance with nary a word about them again or Em is a real fucking psycho. Either I smell bullshit or more to the story than we're getting. It's funny anyway.

    I would also like to hear more about this fake plfm letter.

  22. I was ready to believe that it could possibly be real but then I read his site and I think all of it is fiction. He's a writer, he writes about sex, it's clever and funny, but all fiction.

  23. anyone consider Em has a mental illness? I have a friend who forgets entire conversations in the exact way described in the video.

  24. When I watched the video, I thought it said she'd only contacted one of his friends, but... yeah, all those crazy coincidences snowballing together like that? Sounds a bit shady.

  25. Maybe it's real (doubtful) and maybe it's fake (less doubtful), but really, who cares? It's hilarious either way.

  26. I'm assuming the commenter close to the "source" knows exactly what I'm talking about.

    Tell him "brilliant."

    It is ratcheting up hundreds and thousands of views on YouTube, and the commenters pretty much 100% believe him.

    Go figure.

  27. Here's the most worthless explanation I can offer: If I identify the fake post, I'll have to take it down, because I never informed the submitter I discovered her post was not completely truthful, and the information is personal. I will not divulge her personal information, and I have no way to contact her.

    All I can do is take the post down.

  28. Yep, total BS

    I figured that from the moment in the video when he said he 'called' her to let her know he was leaving for two weeks? WTF!? I'll bet my brand new bra and panty set that just about every woman here has heard of the 'going away lay'. ALL the guys I've ever been in a relationship with wanted a piece before they left. Replete with declarations of love, will see you on such and such a date, or call you on this date because my cell phone is off, etc. Lame on so many levels.

  29. "Em" comes across as a misogynistic caricature rather than an actual human being. Note that her first reaction is "are you avoiding me?" instead of "are you ALIVE?" Plus, if he was fully intending to cut himself off completely from the world for TWO WEEKS, surely he would have made arrangements to let other people know besides his 'girlfriend', such as an autorespond on his email and changing his voicemail message.

    I think this is supposed to be an exaggeration of the 'paintball' scenario that Anonymous above described. Which is why people (especially men) are so eager to believe it. Note that none of it is HIS fault--he told her, she just wasn't listening and she jumped to the kind of conclusions that lead to maximum comic effect.

  30. I'd just like to say that it is a well written story line. I wonder if he isn't a writer trying to break into the industry with this story line. I have no speakers on this comp so I have no idea if the video has sound or not, but the timing on the letter reveals is brilliant. I think I'll go to his blog and see more stories by him.

  31. Never mind. His blog is stupid. Hopes dashed.

  32. I can understand the not calling or checking email. Not everyone wants to deal with that when on vacation. And as for why he didn't leave a message or auto-reply, are you stupid?

    You don't send an auto-reply to every bob, joe, and jake that emails you that you're out of the country, and by the way, that means my apartment is empty and ripe for burglary.

    But the fact that NOBODY told her is pretty sketchy. So I still think it's fake, but not because he can ignore email for two weeks.

  33. This is clearly fake. The two biggest reasons why:

    1. When most people vanish without a trace for 2 weeks, their girlfriends become concerned about their well-being. This girlfriend decided he was ignoring her and dumped him and fucked another guy to get back at him. Right.

    2. I'm a well-seasoned traveler and yes, the Internet is so readily available everywhere you go in Europe that it's not remotely an issue. It takes 2 seconds and maybe a dollar to hop on-line somewhere and check your email. He didn't do it a single time during an entire two-week trip? Rrrriiiiight.

  34. @ Anon 7:31am

    "as for why he didn't leave a message or an auto-reply, are you stupid? [...] by the way, that means my apartment is empty and ripe for burglary."

    Not only can you set a vacation reply to respond only to certain contacts and not random spammers, but it's a common courtesy (esp on your work email) in case someone emails you something important while you're gone. Professors do it all the time, since our students tend to panic if they don't get a reply RIGHT AWAY to their questions or concerns.

    Paranoid much?

  35. There's a big difference between "I'll be out of the office" and "I'll be out of the country". That's not paranoia, that's common sense.

  36. I went to his blog and read some of his entries. NSFW, nor did I find them remotely sexy.

    Seems to me he enjoys writing fictional scenarios, and decided to YouTube one of 'em.


  37. Just for the record, to all the people are saying "who doesn't check their email while in Europe??" I went to Europe for three weeks and only checked my email once because I was so busy trying to do all I wanted to do, and keeping in touch with the rest of the world was not high on my priority list.

    Not having one friend that could have told his girlfriend he was out of the country? That's where I called fake.

  38. But did you have a significant other at the time of your trip, Hannah?

  39. My now-husband, then-boyfriend went to Europe for ten days and didn't call or check his email/send me an email once. I was a little put out, since one of the guys on the trip with him DID manage to email his girlfriend, but whatever. I know that when I'm out of town on vacation, the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone or pound on a keyboard.

    So no, I don't think it's unreasonable that someone backpacking across Europe would find it a chore to get online.

    Of course, it still sounds like a fake to me.

  40. *shrug* True or not, I think all the comments about "how could he not email/call her while he was gone?" are silly. Often when I travel, I don't go out of my way to find internet access, and if I'm abroad, I'm not going to use my cell phone unless it's an emergency. When my SO went to Russia for two weeks a couple of years ago, I didn't hear from him once, nor did I expect to.

  41. Pirate Bunny,

    I did. I told him I was going out of the country and wouldn't have access to phone or email

  42. I actually met JD once through a friend long before this story ever showed up on the Internet. He told us about it one night at a bar and the story in that video is the same story I heard then, minus the necklace and girlfriend part. His description of their relationship wasn't "I had this girlfriend..." but was "There was this girl I had been fucking for a while..."

    So it makes sense not to call or email her or why she only had the number for one friend. Do you introduce all of your booty calls to all of your friends? Would you waste time on your trip to Europe where you are getting plenty of tail emailing or calling someone at home you were just screwing?

  43. i called jackass when he didn't call her to say he'd landed safely--yeah, he doesn't want to use his cell phone, but airports have pay phones in the us, and there were pay phones in the one in paris, too, when i went (though, granted, this was ten years ago). i called bullshit when no one except his mom and girlfriend seemed to know he'd disappeared to europe for two weeks. yeah, this is fake. but i'd at least expect him to check in when he landed to let people back home know he was, y'know, alive. and you can check cell messages for important info like deaths in the family, house burned down, etc remotely if you don't want to turn it on. so i find it really hard to believe that he didn't respond to panicky messages from his SO.

  44. yes, i need to know what the fake one is..!!

    i still loved this 2 weeks in europe vid.. i don't believe he said she forgot, he said she didn't listen.. but i do wonder, could someone be so self absorbed to not have a clue?? oh well, i still lol'd ..

  45. I actually met JD once through a friend long before this story ever showed up on the Internet. He told us about it one night at a bar and the story in that video is the same story I heard then, minus the necklace and girlfriend part. His description of their relationship wasn't "I had this girlfriend..." but was "There was this girl I had been fucking for a while..."

    You know what? If that's the case, it seems a lot more likely to be true.

  46. Definitely fake. U.S. cell phones don't work in Europe. E-mail is everywhere.

  47. Dude, I want to know which the other fake story is!

    And maybe this guy wasn't too prepared, but almost all U.S. cellphones really do work in Europe these days. Granted, rates are exorbitant if you use the thing, but he could have gotten a European SIM card relatively cheaply and used a calling card with his phone (what I did with mine when I lived abroad for 5 months). And texts are pretty cheap anyway (about 25 cents from the UK or the Continent to the US).

  48. I have my doubts too, because of his friends not telling her he was in Europe. However, I casually dated a guy who was so self-absorbed he would never listen to me either. He was also a big drunk and I think he would forget things I told him, due to the alcohol. One night I told him I was going to a family BBQ to welcome home my cousin from Iraq. After he invited himself to come along, I told him it was a "family thing" and wouldn't be able to see him the followinday, he whined and sulked. Next day, he started calling in the early AM while I was prepping some food for the BBQ. Not wanting to hear him whine all day, I silenced my phone and enjoyed my family for the rest of the day. Once I returned home from the BBQ, I located the phone and had 52...yep, 52 text messages and over 20 voice mails from him. Everything starting from "how are you today, sunshine?" to finally ending with "you never cared about me and finally proved it today by ignoring my calls" and every other psycho emotion in between....Wow! It gets worse, I found a suicide note NAILED to my front door (I have it if you want me to scan and post it). Even though it was late, I called several times just trying to be kind and explain. We'd only casually dated for less than two months, so I didn't feel the need to check in with him everyday (even thought I'd told him about the BBQ in honor or my soldier cousin). Finally the next day, his mother called me and said he was in ICU because he'd OD'd on sleeping pills and went out front and was stumbling around in front of his neighbors and calling family members to say goodbyes. Turns out the "sleeping pills" were Benadryl and the cops found his cocaine stash and pipes in the house while they were taking him to the psych ward. Let's just say I faded out of his life and watched my back for a while. Cuckoooooooooo!~ So, he went further with is drama in one day than poor Em did in two weeks, due to his inability to listen and comprehend words.

  49. I agree, and I applaud you for keeping this site reliable. Even if it is real, I'd prefer you be overly cautious than just accept everything sent to you. That way, I can trust that when you say a story is real, it's probably real, and all the more entertaining for it.

  50. The red flag for me is that she never seems worried. If someone I thought cared about me dropped off the face of the planet, I'd be worried sick. I definitely would have called his family to make sure he hadn't been in an accident or something.

  51. Part of me calls this fake...but some part of me sees reality. Maybe because my ex-bf decided to go on a random two week trip to Tibet (while he was visiting China) without telling me where he was going, getting in contact with me, calling me, or emailing me. After two weeks you can BET that I sent some nasty "OMG where are you" and "are you alive" type of emails and some phone calls. He said after the fact that he was sorry and just forgot that it would even be a big deal --- such a BIG deal to many of us girls.

  52. Belle in Texas-
    Hell, I've gotten texts that ran that gamut (minus the suicide threat) just in the 20 minutes it took me to get to my destination and turn off my car.

  53. OK...this might sort of make sense for two people who JUST started seeing each other casually but not a "boyfriend" and a "girlfriend".

    Maybe I'm wrong here, but meeting the parents is sort of a bigish deal....if it was serious enough that she met 'mom', I'm thinkin' it would have been serious enough that he would have e-mailed her....I mean he sent his grandparents a postcard right?

    And yeah! Which other story is fake!?

  54. fell.destroyed@gmail.comAugust 14, 2009 at 7:49 AM

    My ex-boyfriend (for this reason) went to Europe for 6 weeks and called me only once, totally drunk. Complete lack of contact can happen! He swore that my number didn't work, and they had no computers.

    It can happen. ;) My guess is that he told her that he was going to Europe soon, but never gave exact dates. As a commenter said earlier, there's a good chance she was just a booty call. He probably rearranged the emails to make it seem like they had more of a relationship.

  55. I'm not so sure this is fake.

    A) I am one of those folks who would go to europe and not check my email. I rarely check my email on weekends. I look forward to being away from my email.

    B) I wouldn't be surprised if he did tell her and it didnt sink in. My first thought was "stoner chick," but there are other posibilites. I have a friend who I know does not use drugs, and rarely drinks. She is very good at detailing all of her daily problems for me, and equally good at never noting any details of my life which I may mention to her. (This annoyed me at first, but I've come to accept it. She's not my girl, so I only contact her when I'm in the mood to hear all about her recent adventures.)

  56. *Excuse me while I go back through every post to figure out which one is fake.*

    Me thinks this girl was perhaps reading too much into their "relationship."

  57. 1) Some American cell phones do work in Europe (AT&T included). Any cells that have SIM cards work there (although it can be pricey).

    2) A lot of people are saying that they are "thinking of other things" while abroad. If you are in a serious relationship, you are thinking of your SO while you are other places. I wasn't able to call but I did email from internet cafes and sneak some texts.

    3) If I suddenly didn't hear from my boyfriend for an extended period of time. I would be worried shitless. I'd be calling leaving TEARFUL voicemails and sending OMG WTF happened messages asking ARE YOU ALIVE! not "i just slept with your best friend asshole!"

  58. I don't think it's *that* implausible that he wouldn't check in by phone or e-mail over a two-week period -- and I suppose it's possible that someone could "forget" about their boyfriend's two-week trip abroad. (Not if they really "loved" each other though.)

    But I still think this didn't happen, and here's why:

    -- She says she contacted his "friends" (plural) -- and none of them knew he was in Europe, either? Sounds like everyone he knows is a really crappy listener, not just her and Jeremy (who apparently didn't know he was in Europe, either).
    -- She never tried to reach him at work? Surely they'd know he was gone!
    -- Reflecting what other people said, I think it's weird that she *never* had some kind of panicked "oh me god, let me check the hospitals and morgues" response.
    -- Tons of e-mails, but no voice mails? Seems like she would have left some beauties. And that they'd be the type of thing he'd save and send to all his friends. (Not that he couldn't have someone fake those, too. Just makes it seem a bit fishy.)
    -- If I made that big of an ass out of myself, I would have met him at the airport when he got home, and then begged him in person not to check his e-mail -- rather than just leaving some lame "read this first" e-mail.

    I kind of liked how she called him an "asswhole," though. Sounds about right.

  59. Called it fake in the comments and got slammed in the comments.

    It seems like guys WANT to believe that this story is real. All woman are not obsessive. I'm so sick of comments like:

    "Whats Em's Number- I want sum of that phsyco sex!"

  60. This is totally BS.

    I've had times before where I told my husband (boyfriend at the time) that I was going to be leaving for a few days and the date just didn't really sink in. HOWEVER, when I said goodbye to him as I was leaving for my trip, or the night before, that's when it would finally register.

    Who doesn't say goodbye to their girlfriend and at least say "I'll miss you," when they're leaving for 2 weeks?

  61. uh cell phones have been working in europe for years now! tri- and quad-band phones have been idustry standard for many, many years, especially on the big 4 carrires (tmobile, att, virzon, sprint), and many of the minors. the op that said that needs to stop living in 1998.

  62. "Another reason why it is likely fake: who doesn't check their email while in Europe? It's not like he left civilization. When I was there seven years ago there were internet cafes everywhere."

    I would NEVER check my email while on vacation, unless I was, for some reason, expecting some extremely important message.
    When I'm out of town, I'm on a break from my day to day life. My phone is off and I sure as hell wouldn't spend my time in an internet cafe. If I was gone for several weeks, I might call and check back in with someone at home, but not if I was gone for only 2 weeks.

  63. Has no one seen the Seinfeld episode where George's girlfriend goes out of town and he barrages her with phone calls that go down exactly along the same lines as this guy is describing?

    I think the guy saw the Seinfeld episode, thought he'd steal the idea with his own twist on it (text messaging as opposed to phone calls - ohh, edgy! No one will EVER see through that transparent sheet of glass!) and reap the benefits of getting tons of hits to his site.

    BOGUS! Way too bogus! The guy's a rip-off merchant.

  64. Just to clarify which Seinfeld episode it is:

    George goes on a date, the woman invites him in for coffee, he says he can't drink coffee this late.

    George realizes coffee means sex and kicks himself for refusing, phones to apologize.

    Woman doesn't phone back.

    He phones begging for another chance.

    Days pass, he keeps calling, he KNOWS she is avoiding him and he gets more pissed off.

    Finally loses it (George Costanza style) - tells her off.

    She phones him - she's been out of town for work, her machine hasn't been working, she hasn't got her messages.

    He panics, gets Jerry to switch the tapes at her apartment.

    Hilarity ensues over this misunderstanding.

    I could go through exact minutes of JD's lame ass youtube and point out the parallels.

    JD's failing was that the booty call would have been more sensical, but would have failed to get him all sorts of syrupy sympathy from women. Hence, the backpacking boyfriend buying a necklace for his beloved "Em" none the wiser to all the psycho text messages he's about to receive. Awww...poor guy!

    He stole an idea, flushed it out a bit, spun it a little in the hopes of a) getting money and b) getting laid. If he had stuck to unpopular culture references, he might have gotten away with it, too.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to rip off my rubber ghost mask to reveal an old man twirling his villainous mustache.

  65. I agree that it sounds fake, unless Court is for real up there, and she really was just a booty call. That would explain why she hardly knew any of the important people in his life. And it would explain why he didn't know she was psycho.

    I went to Europe for three weeks, and Japan for two. I never checked my email a single time, but I did fire off a couple emails from Japan to let a few select people know I was alive. (and that's no simple feat, Japanese keyboards are freaking crazy).

    Before I left, I told everyone important where I was going, for how long, and gave them my itinerary. If something awful happened, I'd deal with it when I got home, and if someone wanted to talk to me, they'd just have to wait.

    So, if it is true, I can understand not knowing there were loaded emails sitting in your account.

  66. I think Weasel is's promo for his blog. Has anyone read it? I did and it's god-awful. Fake or not, I thought the video was kinda clever - so I thought maybe he's a decent writer...funny...whatever. Oh my lord, no.

    Please don't ask me why I read "JD's Man Stories: Sneaky Naughty Sex." In my defense I DID NOT read all 11 entries - I read 3...and while that was more than enough, I didn't subject myself to more.

    Weasel, I think you need to call this guy out. He's a schmuck.

  67. Despite the fact that I would make a point of not checking my email if I was on vacation, that's GOT to be fake.

    I certainly hope so, anyway.

    His girlfriend couldn't possibly be that stupid, could she?

  68. It might be fake. Probably is.

    But it might not be.

    I can't help but think that if this video had been the other way around--a girl posting about a guy, then PLFM readers would be more prone to believing it was real. Is that just me? [For the record, not that I can prove it by saying so, I AM a girl.]

    We've seen some stories of men being COMPLETELY insane, and though it seems implausible for someone to be as oblivious as "Em" to her boyfriend leaving for a few months, it's not IMPOSSIBLE--some people are impossibly stupid, after all. We just try not to give them too much focus [except on humor blogs like this one, of course].


    His blog--I just visited it and read [part of] the Sneaky Naughty Sex--is a shitpile.

    I'm more convinced that this is fake than when I posted that comment a few minutes ago. Not ENTIRELY convinced--after all, a shitty blog writer ending up with a stupid girl wouldn't be impossible--but yegh.

  70. Yeah, this story is at best embellished and at worst outright horseshit.

  71. I'm sure it's fake, but it's still great.

    as for being able to check e-mail in Europe, sure, you CAN, but I usually deliberately avoid the internet when I'm on holiday. It's about getting away from it all.

  72. i checked out his blog- not one single story was plausible (particularly "sloppy chick"). he's a mediocre writer who writes fantasy porn for less-than-intelligent guys. but this looked fake and after wasting time reading that tripe, i'd bet my clit that it is nothing more than the adolescent fantasies of a marginally talented douchebag.

  73. Offtopic: as a European (or rather, Dutchwoman), I find the whole concept of two-week trips to Europe pretty weird. What do you do, visit five countries a day or something? Or does 'Europe' simply stand for 'the major tourist attractions in any three or four European cities'?

  74. I went to Europe for 10 days and didn't check e-mail. Maybe that makes me a freak, maybe it makes me someone who would rather see Europe than sit in front of a computer screen.

    What gets me is that he thought his phone would work in Europe just by leaving it on. It won't. You need a certain type of phone (which maybe he has) and you need a European sim card. Maybe he's clueless and doesn't know this, or maybe he's lying.

    If the story is true, I'm glad he left his girlfriend. She is better off. This is a big misunderstanding, but who breaks up a good relationship over a misunderstanding? She apologized and admitted being wrong. That's a rare trait, and indicative of a keeper.

  75. I think it's an awesome, hilarious video.

    If I went away, I would hate to be near my email or mobile.

    As for the change from booty call to girlfriend, maybe he wanted to show the video to his family and didn't want to look sleazy.

    His phone will still work, my European phone works in the US. It just cost a bomb when someone calls you.

    I can and will believe it ;)

  76. It's funny, but I really doubt it's real. The writing doesn't even sound very realistic. The only way this might be factual is if he's embellishing an account of something that actually happened between himself and a dumb, crazy booty-call. If something like this really did happen, it couldn't have been with an actual girlfriend, whom he honestly cared about. Totally improbable.

  77. Also, I still really want to know which PLFM entry is the fake.

  78. Nah, I didn't buy it either.

  79. Absolutely plausible. This exact situation happened to me in 2001, except that I was only away for the Easter weekend with my dad, so there were only about five or six increasingly angry and disturbed emails demanding to know where I was (I'd told her at length, beforehand, exactly where I was going, when I was leaving and when I would be returning) and why I wasn't responding to her messages.

    She later flew to Australia from New York in order to stalk me on vacation with my new girlfriend, abandoning her fiance and inlaws-to-be in the process. Eventually she got married, then abandoned her husband in the USA after a few weeks and flew back to Australia to take up rental accommodation here.

    She maintained a website for a number of years where she sporadically posted crazy rants about my girlfriend (now my wife) and myself, then disappeared a couple of years ago when her provider removed the site.

    1. This kind of story sounds extremely fake. Either the girl is completely self-involved and ignores everything that you say, or she is a stalker who wants to know every detail about your life.

  80. two emails into it I was thinking this has to be a joke. I recently had a friend away on vacation, she calls me everynight. When she didn't call and I couldn't get in touch with her. I called the police! My story doesn't end happy, but the whole time I was reading the emails I kept thinking "why isn't she worried?" I was worried one day after my friend was missing. What a shame. He put a lot of work into this story, just not much thought!

  81. I actually believe this. I mean, even if you think something is unrational and weird, it doesn't mean that no one will actually do it. Dumb and crazy people are abundant in this world and I don't find it unlikely that someone would actually do this.

    Additionally; Some people actually like turning off their cell and not checking mails while having a vacation. I am one of them!

  82. I do know someone who went overseas for a few weeks without telling his girlfriend--although he did tell many of his other coworkers. It didn't end well.

    Some people really are that forgetful/clueless; not sure that's likely to apply here.

  83. Fake or ture. I still think ANYONE who considers themselves to be in a SERIOUS relationship with anyone, should never have let something like "gf freaking out coz she couldn't get a contect with her bf" who for some reason couldn't get the message of "I'm gonna be away for a couple of days, so don't worry for me, OK?" accross.

    Internet and cell phone issues? If you're considerate enough, or care enough for the other person, you'll prevent anything similar at all, like getting them worried of where you are at to even happen. Not doing so is just simply a selfish act.

  84. It's fake in my opinion, and not a very well concealed one either.

    Now, I'm male and like someone asked a few posts above this one, what if the sexes were reversed, and it was her that had gone to Europe and he had been the "crazy, testosterone-filled lunatic" sending multiple emails? I realise that the male sex has it's fair share of psychotics, but so does the female sex. It's illogical to assume that one sex will contain all the obsessive crazies of the world.

  85. I agree that this JD guy's web site has some pretty lame stuff. I just read a "story" about one of his friends throwing a drunken fit at his own birthday party because a girl he'd hooked up with once showed up to his party with someone else.

    The story was supposed to illustrate the insensitivity of the girl in question but all it actually showed was what a major dick wad his friend is. Site is not worth a visit...

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