Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Graduate

Today we've got a re-post classic from our horrifyingly offensive sister site over at Why Women Hate Men- The Blog. It's your typical dating site response from a complete idiot, one of millions we've been receiving at PLFM as of late. If you find a relentless river of idiots responding to your personal ad, feel free to pass them along to us. We'll take care of them.


Reader SC recently wrote to WWHM to share something odd that occurred while trying her hand at the online dating world.

You see, SC is an exceptionally brilliant and driven woman. So much so that she has earned her PhD, and, like most people would, she briefly mentioned in her personal ad that she had earned a PhD.

Who wouldn't? Hell, if I had passed the third grade or had the ability to change my own pants, I'd probably include that in my own personal ad.

Anyway, SC didn't require respondents to have their own PhD, didn't mention what line of work they should be in, she simply mentioned it in passing.

Now surely most men would be secure enough with themselves to view SC's accomplishment with high regard, wouldn't they? Let's look at the response she received from a gentleman:

You should not state that you have a PhD on your profile. This could intimidate men. And if you choose to keep it on your profile, you may otherwise attract pretentious, egomaniacs who can quote you every line from Shakespeare.

Admitting that you have a PhD is not wise when searching for love. In fact, you shouldn't even mention it unless they ask. Such admission can steer good men away from you; believing that they may never be able to relate to you intellectually. When searching for love, one needs to be open minded. Be completely receptive.

Let's look at that last line again, shall we? Just for shits and fucking giggles.

When searching for love, one needs to be open minded. Be completely receptive.

I guess we don't need to ask him if he has a PhD, do we? Unless of course he has a PhD in the formulation of contradictory statements. Now, not to let a snivelling little insecure pansy-boy get a free slap at her, SC wrote back an appropriate response:

I don't want to date someone who barely made it out of high school, and I definitely wouldn't want someone in my life who didn't support or encourage me in my career.

Also, something for you to consider, you should probably not tell women what to do with their profiles. This pisses women off. Women do not like men who tell them what to do. The idea that a woman has to lie about who she is to attract a man is incredibly insulting, and the only kind of woman who would go for that would be a doormat, and I am not that kind of woman.

Touche! Next serve? Back to the idiot:

I though emotional love was primary to you--second to intellectual love. I'm sorry. I wasn't telling you what to do with your profile. (Ed note: Um, yeah that's exactly you did.) I simply gave my suggestion. I thought this was something you would understand since you're a professor; with a PhD that is. After all, a PhD means, Doctor of Philosophy.

If my constructive criticism comes off as "insulting" or "pisses you off", then I fear you may have to sit down a bit and find out why you've acquired this degree. Is your PhD degree a display or do you really know its meanings and purposes? Is it something you went to school for because you believe it would impress people or do you truly wish to put it into practice?

The number of academic degrees one possesses is irrelevant when it comes to finding a mate. You're a young professor so keep your mind open. You may become wise. I can tell by your response that your mind is not fully opened as need to be as a professor. It will happen.

Wow, he serves a heaping of condescension with his small, atrophied penis. Final serve back to SC:

You have no idea what you're talking about.

Well said SC, well said.

On a side note folks, we're going to be stepping up Psychotic Letters From Men in the near future. We're going to erase the "Men", and we're going to try and push everybody to out their psychotic stalkers, bizarre creepers, and pathetic exes. We've already got the domain up and going, and we'll let you know when the new site comes up.

In the meantime, keep those letters coming, we're getting some great stuff.

Guys, that includes you, gay and straight. We know women (and men) can stalk with the best of the men, and we'd love to hear about it. In detail. We like it, we post it. For everyone to see. Fun!
Spread the word readers, and send us your letters, texts and emails!

-The Weasel


  1. I run a feminist blog that states right there that's it's a feminist blog, blah blah blah. So I get a never-ending stream of guys like this, plus their female enablers, who tell me what a bitch I am and how I should run my blog that it will attract men and serve their interests.


    Now I'm getting hate mail at my house. I don't blog under my real name.

  2. I need to start keeping the responses I get from men on dating sites! They are entertaining in the least.


  3. http://ginmar.livejournal.com/1706060.html

    That's a piece I've done about it. I literally have guys harassing me three or four years after I banned them from my blog. I just had another guy try and out me yet again. These guys don't give up. Neither do I.

  4. Oh, god, Gin. I read your first comment without seeing your name and went "Hey, that sounds like the same fucksticks who harass Ginmar -- OH."

    Fucking idiots.

  5. On one hand I admit feeling pride over an accomplishment. But I have an oldest sister who got her masters degree, 20 fucking years ago!! LOL To this day, no matter what you say to her somehow she is compelled to talk about when she got her masters degree. Reason being.. she hasn't done a damned thing since.

    I get flinchy when people whip out the letters behind their name now. Oh christ another master-baiter.. ;)

  6. Weasel, regarding your side note: why are you "dropping the 'men'" from this blog? I mean, there are TONS of material on the internet from psycho women - which is what makes this blog such a gem. :)

  7. wow I'm afraid I might be featured. I'm as psychotic as they come. I hope all the men I've stalked don't find this site....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I don't know what kind of poseur thinks that "PhD" means that a person's doctorate is literally in philosophy, or that having a PhD means you automatically become a professor.

    I can understand someone who hadn't been to university making those mistakes, but if you're taking it upon yourself to lecture people with PhDs, you'd better know what you're talking about. SC's response was spot on, it sounds like he indeed "barely made it out of high school".

    @Lora: I get flinchy when people whip out the letters behind their name too. Funnily enough, within science - or at least biology - those titles aren't used. We just assume that if you have a decent publication record and CV, you must have gone to grad school at some point or at least know what the hell you're talking about. (A lady I know is a career scientist but only has a bachelor's.) On the other hand, when I see self-help books that say ", Ph.D." after the author's name, I laugh.

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  11. Clearly, EVERYONE with a PhD is a professor.

  12. I was enjoying reading this blog, but I'm bemused to see Ginmar 'poor me-ing' in the comments section!

    I'm a feminist - Ginmar is not, she's just a racist nutter, the female version of the crazy men featured on this blog: http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Ginmar

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  17. Anonymous (January 16, 2010 7:28 AM ) said...

    1)"I was enjoying reading this blog, but I'm bemused to see Ginmar 'poor me-ing' in the comments section!"

    I know, right? women voicing similar experiences about male stalkers (on a website called PSYCHOTIC letters from MEN, *gasp*) are only 'poor me-ing'.You one of the trolls she banned for willful stupidity?

    2) "I'm a feminist - Ginmar is not, she's just a racist nutter, the female version of the crazy men featured on this blog"

    Provide links to her journal entries that SHOW she's a racist nutter, pretty please??

    And yes, Mr./Ms. "true" feminist, you TOTALLY make your case by posting as anonymous. How 'bout you show us your journal entries or blogs that depict the spirit of "true" feminism? XD

    3) "http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Ginmar"

    That's just so pathetic, even for a joke reference.

    And I'll bet your real identity is somewhere on that site too, categorized under "Spineless Dipshit Who Unwittingly Contradict Themselves". Except that write up is actually 100% factual.

    Are you actually trying to bash someone, or amuse people by looking like an utterly clueless moron? Sorry, but the joke's on yourself ;)

  18. There's a couple of trolls who follow me around from post to post, from blog to blog. I think this is the same obsessed little asshole who keeps blaming me at Pandagon for shit that Twisty Faster said. But you know what? He's an anonymous coward.

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